“Visit Ethiopia and get bonanza of being 7 years younger”

Ethiopia is land of contrast and beauty, located in East Africa with an area of 437,600 sq mi and elevation range of +4000m above sea level to -120m below sea level at DENKEL depression. The country provides all type of attraction of historical, archeological, ethnographical, natural and cultural sites; due to this some writers coated Ethiopia as “the land of multi destination and endless diversity”.  Ethiopia is the starting point to mankind, home of the Ark of the Covenant, complex of some of the world’s ancient civilization, garden for different wild life, origin of coffee bean and power house of Africa.

Ethiopia is leading in terms of quantity of world heritage sights among the rest of African countries. 10 of the multi tourist sites are recorded by UNESCO: of this  Axum (historical, archeological, home of original Ark of covenant, religious place and the mysterious giant Obelisks),  Lalibela (famous for its rock hewn churches out of single living rock),  Gondar (castle of 16th century Ethiopian king), Semien Mountain National park (iconic landscape, scenic beauty and best for trekking),  Harar (the 4th holiest place of Muslim and old wall surrounded city),  Lower Omo valley (remain of millions years age bones),  Lower Awash Valley (finding of earliest  human ancestors), Tiya (thousands year monuments), Konso (more than 800 years of terracing experience) and Mesekel (finding of true cross festival highlighted by colorful chanters and thousands of people attend the ceremony)  are the major tourist attraction sights.

ruins palace of the queen of Sheba’s in Axum, the monastery at Debre Damo (access is limited to men with the help of rope to climb up) in Tigray, Lake Tana monasteries (treasure of Ethiopian artifacts) in Bahirdar and Geralta rock hewn churches are priceless historical relics.  Above all Ethiopia is a country with different Fauna and Flora; and this help to home many endemic animal and plant specious in its different national parks. Some of the national parks are ideal place for trekking and hiking beyond their game viewing facilities. For all your interest on visiting Ethiopia: Celebrity Ethiopia; well come you with genuine Ethiopian hospitality.

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Tour packages

Celebrity Ethiopia tours offers wide choice of well designed packages tours for groups and individuals; including:-

  • Classic  Historic route tour
  • Grab the fire Adventure tour
  • Live in Jungle Cultural expedition
  • Whisper of nature Bird watching
  • Explore the past Archeological tour
  • Game view Nature tour
  •  Test of fitness Trekking, hiking  and horse riding
  • Window shopping City & short excursion tour
  • Celebrating colors Holiday and festival
  • Passion of Art Photographing and filming
  • Brave heart Hunting and Safari
  • Smart  Business and Conference
  • Spiritual Pilgrimage tour
  • Care Family and honeymoon tour
  • Tomorrow Student and expedition tour
  • Many more and combining of the


You will be on the move a lot, so our advice is to pack as lightly as possible. Soft bags are easier for packing on safari vehicles. Warm Fleece or wool jumper/jacket, shirts/t-shirts, cool and breathable, Long- sleeved shirt, pair of shorts, mid-thigh or longer, pairs of long hiking trousers, lightweight, breathable, pairs of long trousers, Thermal Underwear (for camping in the Semien Mountains),Waterproof Hiking Boots., or very sturdy shoes, Tennis shoes or sandals for lounging in the evening, Comfortable, breathable socks (wool or synthetic fibers recommended),Winter hat/Warm hat, Warm gloves/mittens,Day pack, for you to carry.


Weather in Historic Route

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Personal First Aid Kit
On each trek a first aid kit is carried but you should have your own blister kit, supply of plasters, aspirin and other essentials. Please do not give medicines to local people without consulting the tour leader.

Other Useful items & equipment
Water bottle, and water purification tablets or purifier (bottled water is also available for purchase) – Sun hat, Bandana, Sunglasses, Headlamp / torch / flashlight (with extra batteries and bulbs),Camera and extra memory card/film, Extra batteries, Pocket knife / Utility knife, Electricity Plug Adapter.

Passport (with photocopies), Travel insurance (with photocopies),Airline tickets (with photocopies), USD cash and Credit or debit card, Entry visas.

Credit Cards
Credit cards, mainly visa and MasterCard are useful for cash advances in Addis Ababa and can be used in major hotels and restaurants. However they remain unusable outside the city especially in small towns. Card transactions but will usually attract further 5-10% charge to administer. Your bank is likely to charge you a small fee for withdrawing cash from the ATMS and using your card whilst overseas. For further information please look at www.mastercard.com or www.visacard.com. Unfortunately there are no guarantees that your credit or debit cards will actually work in Ethiopia. You need to check with your bank before departure. Please do not rely on credit or debit cards as your only source of money.

Experience has shown that it is better to draw money upon arrival at the airport for your personal use. Your Tour guide can advise you on the approximate amounts of money you will need for each town of your tour.

The US dollar is the preferred foreign currency in Ethiopia and although the Euro is growing in popularity and all banks will accept it. You’ll have no trouble exchanging US cash wherever there are forex facilities. Street exchange merchants (Black markets) should be avoided as they are operating illegally. It is recommended that each traveler has access to an emergency fund to be used when circumstances outside our control (ex. a natural disaster) require a change to our planned route.

There are ATMS and banks in Ethiopia with bigger branches of the many Bank in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gonder and Mekele now have ATMs that accept international visa cards. Note that MasterCard, Solo, Cirrus or Plus cards do not work in any ATM. Banks are open from Mon-Thurs 0800-1500; Fri 0800-1100 and 1330-1500; Sat 0830-1100.