GondarGondar was once the capital of Ethiopia, its prominence beginning with the reign of emperor Fasiladas in 1632 and ending with the fall of Emperor Tewdros in 1868. The oldest of Gondar’s many imperial structures is the impressive 17th century palace of Emperor Fasilidas. Many other fascinating historical buildings and relics can be seen in the area.

Gaze down from the balconies of the many castles and palaces to imagine the intrigue and pageantry that took place back in the 17th and 18th centuries of this great city.

The city’s unique imperial precinct contains a dozen castles built by various emperors during this 236-year period. Although the earliest of these castles was built by King Fasiladas. Within easy reach of Gondar lies a monastery, the ruined palace at Qusquam, and the church of Debre Birhan sellasie with its unique murals and the ceiling is decorated with beautiful winged angels.  The town itself has a lively and interesting market place.