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Honeymoon in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an all in one destination, so we have different offers for you like others can’t. so far; we have done lots starting from fresh weeding (after the weeding dinner party) to the scheduled vacation type honey moon.

Your honeymoon will provide lasting memories of your special occasion. Assuming you and your spouse have not agreed on a location, or planned out your honeymoon not yet, here are some tips that may help you to have the perfect trip. As you start making plans for your honeymoon destination, Ethiopia is truly ideal destination for a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon excursion. Romance requires a perfect backdrop, and when it comes to honeymoons, Ethiopia Honeymoon packages will bring an extra touch of sparkle to make them unforgettable occasions. The country provides an ideal base from which to explore the renowned food, wines and natural attractions of the region. Come with your beloved or purchase the package for a couple of your good friends and enjoy the precious moment of just you two or in a group. We will wait you with a genuine Ethiopia warm smiling hospitality.Honeymoon in Ethiopia2

Bahir Dar, Lake Tana & the Blue Nile waterfalls:

Bahir Dar means in Amharic: sea shore is a city established just at the shore of Lake Tana – in north western Ethiopia, and the capital of the Amhara Region. Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia is the source of the Blue Nile from where it starts its long journey to Khartoum, Egypt and then to the Mediterranean Sea.

The boat trip on Lake Tana and the dhow cruise dinner makes your unforgettable honey moon printed on your mind forever. The beautiful lake side hotels and resorts will wait you with fresh rose just cut from the farm.

Lake Tana and the River Blue Nile have an extraordinary history especially in relation to Ethiopia, Egypt & the Ark of the Covenant of Israel. It is believed even by some known scholars that The Ark of the Covenant of Israel had been rested in the Tana Cherkos Monastery on the lake. During 19 – 20 Centuries; the Ethiopian kings safely hid their treasures in churches on the lake’s islands. To reveal the fact what has been practiced on Lake Tana; precious crowns & ropes of Ethiopian kings are displayed today in a small museum near in Ura Kidane Mehret. The Blue Nile waterfall was originally 400m wide and 40m deep.

The Rift Valley Lakes Region:

The Rift Valley Lakes Region of Ethiopia offer fascinating   sites for newly-married couples or to relax during the weekends. The Rift Valley Landscapes, wildlife, forest, swimming, trekking in the forest across lakes, as well as the people are best destinations for honeymooners to pass their precious time after the wedding. Deluxe resorts and hotels at the bank of Lakes have a special service just for you or your beloved couples.

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