White water rafting is a highly popular activity enjoyed on all continents. Ethiopia’s rivers have played an important role in the internationalization of this blend of sport, ecotourism and adventure.

The Omo River, which tumbles for some 350 kilometers through steep, inaccessible valleys, was first explored by an intrepid group in 1973. Inspired by their success, a number of commercial operators have set up rafting holidays on the river. The best season for Omo trips is September to October, when the water is still high from the June – September rains and the weather is starting to dry out.

Spirited rapids, innumerable side creeks and waterfalls, sheer canyons, hot springs, abundant wildlife, and exotic local people combine to make the Omo River one of the world’s classic river adventures. River trips have also been organized on the Awash River with short, but equally demanding rafting conditions, and other expeditions have been held on the Blue Nile.