Ethiopia, the land of Great long Distance Runner!

Sport tour by celebrity
Celebrity Ethiopia Tour welcome you with a highland sport experience to its clients, you!
As the creators of the ‘Ethiopian sport celebrity tours’ we provide the most exclusive comprehensive range of sport celebrity tours, with Haile Gebreselassie, Kennisa Bekele, Milion Wolde, Meseret Defar, Terunesh Dibaba, Derartu Tulu from meeting them, having visited their training area, as well as you will be taking part on the Great Ethiopian running race which will be held year on November.

We serve for international professional athletes as well as trainers to experience the Ethiopian weather for their better performance in their computation. We arrange the training place and all the process in the government for anyone interested to come and train. Training in Eastern Africa especially in Ethiopian highlands is a secret for the unbeatable long distance runners of the region, some of Europe and American are coming to Ethiopia for 2 weeks up to a month long fruitful training.

Sport tour by celebrity2Ethiopia is not only Athletics, it also best for technical footballers and bikers. The recent result on Ethiopian National soccer team is the result of potential technicians avail in the country. Ethiopia is one of the 3 countries which found CAF (Cup of African Nation) together with Egypt and Sudan.

The biking experience of foreigners in Ethiopia is unforgettable. Most well known cross country riders passes many Ethiopian towns with the different Altitude. Discovering all Ethiopia with bike ride will take up to 45 days long, but with well arranged program with us possible to manage it in half of stated time.

Celebrity Ethiopia will welcome you with any kind of sport interest you have.

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