Ethiopia’s Danakil Desert is home to one of planet earth’s most extreme environments and has been dubbed the ‘cruelest place on Earth’. With violent volcanoes, blistering air temperatures, gases and land masses being ripped apart by enormous planetary forces, it’s an unlikely tourism hotspot but that’s exactly what it’s becoming.

In the Afar region, the huge Arabian tectonic plate is pulling away from a new rift dividing the African Plate in two. The colossal divide – which sees massive shelves under the surface of the Earth gradually separate – is causing two new ‘incipient’ plates to form, which scientists now call the Somali Plate and the Nubian Plate. The results are tremors and volcanic activity as gaps appear along the rift – allowing lava deep inside the planet to spew to the surface.

Erta ale3And one bout of sightseeing includes the incredible Erta Ale volcano. As a continually erupting volcano it casts a spectacular image across the sky. Looking like a scene of biblical destruction one of its pits known as the ‘gateway to hell’. Another destination allows sightseers to take in a massive selpharic lake. Nicknamed Yellow Lake by Africans – because of the striking color – the phenomenon is caused by high selphur in the volcanically active region. And nearby are incredible salt plains. With little life there – because the salt kills vegetation – it make Danakil seem even more extra-terrestrial.

  From archeological point of view Afar region is the beginning of humankind, discovered a 3.2 million years most complete human skeleton ”Lucy”. Beside the archeological treasure the area is important for the geographical study of Volcano, as it has the most famous active volcano

 named ERTALE. ERTALE is becoming famous as there is no such sigte anywhere else, it had a kind of Adventures experience. In addition: Afar home world lowest point -120 below sea level “Denekel Depression”. This depression has salt lake and colorful salt hot springs together with the warm temperature.