TREKINGblessed with a temperate climate, grand mountain scenery and a tradition of generous hospitality, the Ethiopian highlands offer superb opportunities for trekking and mountain climbing. Trekking in Ethiopia does not involve being super-fit. Horses, mules and donkeys are universal means of transport, so horse trekking has been a natural development. The terrain is usually steep for only short periods, when walking rather than riding may be necessary. In Bale Park, trips can be tailored to meet all individuals’ needs, day trips around Dinsho or ten day hikes around the whole park. The principal, well-established areas for trekking are the Simien and Bale Mountains National Parks.

Lesser known trekking areas are in the remote south-west highlands, east and west of the Omo Valley where strong and colorful cultures complement the appeal of scenery, flora and fauna. Other beautiful areas include Mount Chilalo and the Arba Gugu area in Arsi, and the Chercher Mountains in Harerge. Trekking parties are normally accompanied by park scouts who help with the mules and are generally sharp-eyed and knowledgeable about flora, fauna and terrain.